Ionosphere has reached two milestones, The first milestone is the start of the loading of the first spodumene concentrates and the second milestone is securing approval from the government for the export permit.

The spodumene concentrate being loaded was produced at its open pit mine in Mataga Mberengwa.

The company will be producing 5,000MT per month spodumene concentrates. The shipment consists of 300metric tonnes of spodumene concentrate and is to be sold into the global spot market via a major trading company. Ionosphere is monitoring the process chain of the product as a pathway to global lithium chemical accreditation and will sell according to the Fastmarkets Spodumene spot price index.

Ionosphere’s managing director, Nyasha Chidoh commented, “We are particularly pleased to make this first shipment in less than 1 month since we have been granted our export permit , reflecting the team’s strong execution capabilities and commitment.”

The commercial shipment of lithium-bearing concentrate is a defining moment for the company, as it establishes ionosphere’s place in meeting the world’s ever-growing demand for lithium, and its role in the global energy transition. As the demand for lithium continues to rise, ionosphere mining projects are well positioned to thrive in this growing market and contribute to achieving decarbonization and electrification targets.

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