Mining and Trading

Ionosphere intends to be the specific integrated mining and trading company with its core business built around Tin, Tantalum, Lithium and Beryl. We employ a 3-stage approach to the core strategy to make the business a long term and sustainable supplier of Tantalite, Tin and Lithium Africa specific minerals to the market.

Stage 1

Purchasing hubs in strategic regions with processing, quality control SOPs in place and in support of SSM and artisanal operations, to create value-added structured supply chains.

Stage 2

Structured investment in long term producing assets in stable jurisdictions tied to off take.

Stage 3

Partnerships with strategic players in the regions that we are active in.

Small Scale
Miners Support

We support small scale miners and we do value addition of the products to meet the market demand.

We usually support small scale miners in the Tantalite and Tin mining and buy from them.